Updates to the website

This morning we updated the website with a number of new features and bug fixes. Here are the release notes.

  • “Flags” enums that were previously complex numbers or ugly sets of checkboxes are now much more user-friendly. Simply pick the options you want from the list. Here’s a sample:
  • The Spells drop-down is now searchable. No more scrolling FOREVER to find the spell you want.
  • Loading certain creature weenies that were missing base attribute scores no longer crashes. Instead, they will default to 10s for any missing stats.
  • Content Magi attempting to approve changes to “new” weenies now works.
  • Emotes are now sorted appropriately on every page refresh.
  • New Emotes are now added to the end of the current list. You can re-sort by changing the sort order
  • The Weenie Finder is now used in a few more places allowing for easier searching

We’d also like to give Forge Golem a warm welcome to the team. He’ll really get started in a week or so, but we’re excited to bring him on board as a dedicated website resource. As always, if you find bugs or usability issues that aren’t on the trello board, let a staff member know and we’ll get it logged.

Thank you for all your support!