Content Editing – Importing and Exporting

Greetings, Isparians!

We’re trying to wrap up the first pass of the Content Editing tool, but wanted to call out a feature we decided to add this week. We know that a large part of the remaining AC base is off playing deprecated copies of another unnamed emulator. We also know that you have ways to extract and import data into those worlds. The last thing we want to do is fracture the AC player base over which community to dedicate themselves to when having to create the content, whether that unnamed emulator or Dereth Forever. So the question is, why not both?

We will be adding the ability to import, edit, and export json files from that unnamed emulator into our Content Editing system. In the process, we get a copy of it, of course, and you can help rebuild the world for us as well as have a nice easy to use tool to rebuild worlds in the other emulator. We’re still working on the details of how we will give people sandboxes to play in and not corrupt data in the process, but we’re confident we can reach a solution that benefits everyone.

– Behemoth

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