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Dereth Forever was born back in November 2017. The core of our charter stated:

We are working out of the public view for a very simple reason: to minimize unnecessary distractions, criticism, and drama.
Once we have a viable product in place, we will release the source code of Dereth Forever to the public under the GPL 3.0 license.

Our original goal to viability for release was the following:

  • Physics
  • Combat
  • Monster AI
  • Emote Tables
  • Tools for Content Creation

We have made a lot of progress. We have a good start on physics, we have tools for content creation that are ready for beta testing and have initial an implementation for the emote system. However, we have not hit all of our milestones that we has set for releasing open source.   In our internal discussions we have decided that while developing privately helps with the distractions, it limits the pool of resources that might be available to contribute to our efforts to bring Asheron’s Call back for the community. That is, and has to stay, the number one priority.

We are going open source earlier than we had envisioned, mainly  to encourage others to join us in our quest to bring back Asheron’s Call.    In the next few days, we will make our repository public.   Our primary focus is two fold:  First get a playable version of the server out as soon as we can for the community.   Secondly, provide robust content tools to allow the massive work needed to put all of the missing content back into AC to get to the level of game play as of the 2017 shutdown.   Content tools are about ready for prime time.  Content Site

If you want to download the code to just follow along – great.  If you are a developer with Reverse Engineering experience or a C# MVC developer, we would love to talk to you about contributing.     Hope to see you guys in Dereth soon.


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